We are a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the conception and development of projects that link culture, creation and education.

Since 2004, we introduce creation at schools and high schools with the involvement of film professionals, photographers and artists working together with the teachers.

We develop structural programs (Cinema in course, Photography in course, In residence), carry out training for teachers, and devise specific activities linked to exhibitions, festivals and cultural institutions. In every project, we start from a cultural, educational and social triple perspective.

<h3><a href="/en/slideshow/12th-edition-cinema-curs-cinema-course" title="12th edition of Cinema en curs / Cinema in course " class="apartat-70">12th edition of Cinema en curs / Cinema in course</a></h3> <h3><a href="/en/slideshow/8th-edition-residence" class="apartat-71">8th edition of In residence</a></h3> <h3><a href="/en/slideshow/photography-course-shanghai" class="apartat-79">Photography in course in Shanghai</a></h3> <h3><a href="/en/slideshow/teachers-training" class="apartat-82">Teachers training</a></h3> <h3><a href="/en/slideshow/3rd-edition-moving-cinema-european-project-led-bao-qu" class="apartat-81">3rd edition of Moving Cinema, European project led by A Bao A Qu</a></h3> <h3><a href="/en/slideshow/screening-summer-1993-da-film-festival" class="apartat-70">Screening of &#039;Summer 1993&#039; at D&#039;A Film Festival</a></h3> <h3><a href="/en/slideshow/cinema-curs-brandenburg-and-berlin" title="Cinema en curs in Brandenburg and Berlin  " class="apartat-70">Cinema en curs in Brandenburg and Berlin</a></h3> <h3><a href="/en/slideshow/new-edition-alternative-screen-cinema-sessions-programmed-young-programmers-ujac" class="apartat-81">New edition of Alternative Screen, cinema sessions programmed by Young Programmers UJAC</a></h3> <h3><a href="/en/slideshow/uprisings-national-art-museum-catalonia" class="apartat-79">&#039;Uprisings&#039; at National Art Museum of Catalonia</a></h3> <h3><a href="/en/slideshow/7th-edition-petit-cinema-curs-little-cinema-course" class="apartat-70">7th edition of Petit Cinema en curs / Little Cinema in course</a></h3>


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  1. 20/05/2017

    European Programs: New session of Pantalla Alternativa

    On May 20th, Young Programmers UJAC (Unió Jove Alternativa Cinemàtica) present 'The next skin', by Isaki Lacuesta and Isa Campo at the Auditory of Calàbria 66.

  2. 29/04/2017

    European Programs: Moving Cinema collaborates with D'A – Festival de Cinema D'Autor de Barcelona

    For the third consecutive year, Moving Cinema collaborates with D'A – Festival de Cinema D'Autor de Barcelona. Young Programmers UJAC (Unió Jove Alternativa Cinemàtica) present 'Días color naranja', by Pablo Llorca, and Young Spectators attend some films suggested by the festival, Moving Cinema and Cinema en curs.

  3. 18/03/2017

    European Programs: Start of Pantalla Alternativa 2016-2017 season

    On March 18th takes place in the Auditori of community centre Calàbria 66, the first screening of Pantalla Alternativa 2016-2017 season, a cinema cycle programmed by Young Programmers UJAC (Unió Jove Alternativa Cinemàtica).

  4. 01/03/2017

    European Programs: CinEd's presentation

    On March the 1st, European cooperation project CinEd is officially presented at Filmoteca española – Cine Doré. After the presentation, a dialogue on 'En construcción' is opened, with filmmaker José Luis Guerin and students from three high schools in Madrid.