Moving Cinema Conference: Film education. Some proposals for our time

Barcelona, 13th and 14th of July 2017


The need for film education is something that has been repeated over the years. Multiple arguments have been put forward, from different perspectives. With the title of this conference we wanted to emphasize, on the one hand, the urgency of this film pedagogy happening today, during our time. On the other hand, the desire to focus these two days of reflection no longer on continuing to present arguments defending the need for film education, but on providing methodologies, strategies and concrete ways of developing actions of film pedagogy that will promote its discovery as an art and creation, and at the same time enable cinema to find a place in the life of young people.

The main objective of the conference, therefore, is to generate spaces for shared reflection based on four issues: School: meeting and springboard, Youth participation in cultural life, The experience of creation, The bond with cinema auteurs. That is why the fifty people who participate in the conference are professionals linked, from different spaces and perspectives, to cinema, culture and its transmission. Particular attention has been paid to the participation not only of cultural managers and heads of film education projects, but also of two representatives directly and intimately concerned with the matter: filmmakers and teachers.

In his brief prologue to Six Memos for the Next Millennium, which inspired the title of this conference, Italo Calvino wrote: "My faith in the future of literature consists in knowing that there are things that only literature, with its specific means, can give". The same can be said of cinema: its future lies in its singularities, in what makes it unique and, therefore, indispensable.



Moving Cinema is a European project started in 2014, whose main objectives are to create strong bonds between the youth and cinema, creating autonomous, active and sensitive spectators capable of enjoying diverse cinematic manifestations. It is structured around five areas of work: attendance at movie theatres and festivals and meetings with filmmakers; young programmers; filming with mobile devices in connection with cinematographic referents; film viewings using VoD platforms; and Inside Cinema: an online space for discovering the materials of the creation process. The actions developed are analysed with the intention of sharing work proposals.

The conference is conceived as a space to share the reflections and strategies developed during the three years of Moving Cinema. Also participating in the conference is the team of CinEd, the European project led by the Institut français.