Comenius Regio (2012-2014)

The School of Bordils, the A Bao A Qu association and the Bordils Town Hall develop together a project of photographic and film creation within the framework of the program European Union Comenius Regio during the courses 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.

The project is carried out in correspondence with the portuguese town Moita, the Agrupació d'Escolas José Afonso and the Association Os filhos de Lumière, and is entitled Discovering and building the local and european heritage through the audiovisual creation. A model of cooperation between schools and city councils towards the culture, knowledge and social cohesion. In the course of the two-year course, the two sister towns show their surroundings, their language, the professions of their inhabitants, etc. From the school but with the participation of all the town: young people and adults, all generations; they exchange photographs, audiovisual pieces, correspondences and texts. All the resulting material can be followed on the website (

This project is developed within the framework of the Cinema en curs program.



Project cofunded by the Lifelong Learning Program.