Moving Cinema

Methodologies, Strategies and Tools for Children and Young People to Appreciate European Films and Become an Active Audience.

Applied research project led by A Bao A Qu and developed together with Meno Avilys (Lithuania), Kijufi (Germany), the Centre for the Moving Image (Scotland) and Otok Institute (Slovenia). In previous editions also participate Os Filhos de Lumière (Portugal) and the British Film Institute (Great Britain) and La Cinémathèque française (France) who participate in the strad of work "Inside Cinema".

Moving Cinema, initiated in 2014-2015, has two main objectives: to develop an exchange and a joint analysis of experiences in order to coproduce and disseminate resources to foster the interest of young people towards non-commercial European cinema; and to facilitate the access of young people to European films through strategies that allow to generate present and future habits among the young ones.

The project is organised along three levels: 1) developing pilot actions to increase the interest of the youth towards the European cinema and promoting the acquirement of habits of autonomous spectators; 2) motivating the access to several exhibition spaces (cinemas, festivals, VOD platforms); 3) sharing and transferring the methodologies which had efficient results during the pilot actions, through the resources published on the website and the on-site trainings.

Currently, we are developing five strands of work:

  • Filming with mobile devices linked to film viewing;
  • Working with VOD platforms of auteur cinema;
  • Screenings and dialogues with filmmakers;
  • Film programs made by young people in cultural facilities or inside a Film Festival;
  • "Inside Cinema": online space to discover films through the materials of the creative process.

Through these pilot actions, "Moving Cinema" has created a wide and diverse network of festivals, cinemas and other organisations that create opportunities to develop audiences during the school-time and during the leisure time of the youth.

Moving Cinema is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA - Audience Development 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2018-2020.

Project co-funded by the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe of European Union.