In residence

Creadors EN RESiDÈNCiA als instituts de Barcelona introduces contemporary art in public secondary schools through the direct and continuous contact of a creator with the students. 

The aim is for the artists to conceive a piece of work specifically thought to be carried out together with a group of secondary students, who participate in the conception and realization of the work. Throughout the school year, within school hours and together with a team of teachers, the students participate in the conception and making of the work. 

EN RESiDÈNCiA is a programme by Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona, conceived in cooperation with Associació A Bao A Qu.

From the beginning of the programme in 2009, Associació A Bao A Qu has curated and coordinated the residences of the following artists: Margarita Andreu, Marí Anson, Eduard Arbós, Mar Arza, L'Automàtica, Josep-Maria Balanyà, Isabel Banal, Erick Beltrán, Luis Bisbe, Xavier Bobés, Luz Broto, Tom Carr, Vicens Casassas, Daniel Chust Peters, Edu Comelles, Antònia Del Río, Domènec, Robert Ferrer i Martorell, Marta Galán, Salvador Juanpere, Francesca Llopis, Lolo i Sosaku, Jordi Mitjà, Pere Noguera, Nutcreatives, Daniela Ortiz, Perico Pastor, Josep Pedrals, Fernando Prats, Mònica Roselló, Lluís Sabadell Artiga, Mireia c. Saladrigues, Montserrat Soto, Francesc Torres and Pep Vidal.

This course 2015-16 we curate and organize the residences of La Col, Pep Duran, Laia Estruch, Ana Garcia-Pineda, Toni Giró and Jaume Pitarch.


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