European Cinema collection for young people

CinEd is initiated in 2016 with the aim to enable a large number of young people to have access to European cinema and discover its diversity on a cinematographic, cultural and linguistic way. The catalogue gathers contemporary and heritage films from partners’ countries, available for cultural facilities, educative centres, entities and institutions to organise screenings in theatres and in educative sessions with no economic purposes. All films are screened in their original version with their corresponding subtitles.

The collection includes, with Spanish subtitles, the following films:

El espíritu de la colmena, by Víctor Erice (The Spirit of the Beehive, Spain. 1973, 93 min)

En construcción, by José Luis Guerin (Work in Progress, Spain, 2001, 125 min)

El verdugo, by Luis García Berlanga (The Executioner, Spain, 1963, 91 min)

Rentrée des classes, by Jacques Rozier (France, 1956, 22 min)

Il posto, by Ermanno Olmi (Italy, 1961, 93 min)

Pierrot le fou, by Jean-Luc Godard (France, 1965, 112 min)

Uma pedra no bolso, by Joaquim Pinto (Portugal, 1987, 91 min)

O sangue, by Pedro Costa (Portugal, 1989, 95 min)

Aniki Bóbó, by Manoel de Oliveira (Portugal, 1942, 68 min)

Petite lumière, by Alain Gomis (France, 2003, 15 min)

Mies vailla mennelsyyttä / The man without a past, by Aki Kaurismäki (Finland, 2002, 97 min)

Modrý tygr / The blue tiger, by Petr Oukropec (Czec Republic, 2012, 90 min)

Cum mi-am petrecut sfârşitul lumii / The way I spent the end of the world by Cătălin Mitulescu (Romania, 2006, 106 min)

Pedagogical materials, with proposals and work resources, are disposed for an active and creative closeness to films. The participation is free of charge.

CinEd is promoted and coordinated in Spain by A Bao A Qu.

Lead by the Institut français (France) in cooperation with La Cinématèque française, bring together partners from nine countries: Bulgaria, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Czech Republic and Romania. Co-funded by Creative Europe / MEDIA programme of the European Union and, in Spain, is supported by Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, ICAA and Instituto Cervantes.