Cinema in course

Cinema en curs is a film pedagogy programme for primary and secondary schools belonging to a variety of social contexts. Initiated in Catalonia, it is also being implemented in Euskadi, Galicia, Madrid, Brandenburg (Germany), Argentina and Chile. The programme has two main objectives: to develop critical, autonomous and sensitive viewers with a curiosity for cinematographic expressions, focusing on European films, and to explore the pedagogical potential of watching and making films in schools.

Cinema en curs is being developed along three lines: workshops conducted by film-makers or film professionals and teachers during school hours; teacher training; and generation of methodologies for introducing film literacy in primary and secondary schools. 

Cinema en curs has three different categories of workshop: Fiction, Petit Cinema en curs (Little Cinema in Course, aimed at 3 to 8 year old children) and documentary. 

Teacher training and development of proposals, materials and methodologies for transmitting cinema are also very important lines of action of the programme.